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Sleep is pointless where GE2 is concerned
I have been waiting for years for this game to come out, so when I got wind that the demo was getting released in August, I got really, really excited. Hell, I was prepared to download it the moment it became 1/8/2013 where I live, I was that excited. Famitsu is hosting the download, which I was very thankful for since I don't have a PSN account. After a decent amount of fangirling, I finally started the game.

So how's the demo, and is it looking any better than GE? Let's find out. I won't go into details about all the new weapons and the Blood Art system - you can find more info about that in the wiki.


God, this is so nostalgic

Hurray for limited knowledge in Japanese!

Character creation time
The first big difference between GE and GE2 is the character creation part. There are added customizable features like the colour of the eyes, and hair accessories - although the latter one was restricted to only one hairstyle. When choosing a face for your character, you can see how the face looks like with different emotions. The one I picked was particularly adorable when she's upset. The hair colour is also much more customizable, featuring a colour palette instead of preset colours like in GE. I couldn't customize the clothes though, although that may be because this is a demo and not the full game. I don't know.

How come we didn't have this in the Far East Branch?!
Graphic wise, GE2 has far outclassed its predecessor. The verdantly lush garden called Freyja, the steampunk-nuanced laboratory, and the highly efficient-looking lobby were stunningly designed. Overall, GE2 has a more steampunk feel to it, which made sense since it takes place quite some time after the events in GE. GE had a strong post-apocalyptic look to it, so I guess GE2 was made to be more technologically advanced then?

The vending machine/merchant was pretty cool! I totally wasn't expecting for the merchant to be a vending machine, out of all things. The new design for the Norn terminal was pretty refreshing, too. The environment wasn't the only part that got an overhaul, though.

The cutscenes were given a total revamp, too.

He was so happy when we called him senpai

They were much more animated, and the expressions were really something. They were so well-done watching the cutscenes felt like watching parts from an anime.

Bonus: GE2 comes with a Gintama costume and hairstyle! The boys get Gintoki's outfit and hairstyle, while the girls get Kagura's. Apparently the costumes are based on the upcoming Gintama movie where Kagura's all grown up, hence how her outfit looks a lot like Gintoki's and her hair's much longer.

I didn't change her hairstyle, tho'

Now let's have a look at the missions.

This one's about hunting Gboro-Gboro and Zygotes

The ultimate demo team

Bah, pesky Ogretails

Enter the Garm...
...which wasn't that hard to kill. I've heard other people say the Aragami were getting harder and harder to kill, and the difficulty curve was higher than it was in GE. I have to say, I don't find the battles that hard. In fact, it wasn't very hard at all. Of course, tackling the Aragami without any weapon or skill upgrades is tantamount to pushing a boulder uphill like Sisyphus - I upgraded my Charge Spear to a level 3 Garm-core Charge Spear and went for the level 2 Piercing Blood Art. This mission took me about fifteen minutes and an S grade, it was that easy.

Look at that fancy move!
The thing I like best about the Charge Spear is that when you press the R and square buttons at the same time, your character does a backflip. If you can time your attacks correctly and you have a shitload of stamina, your attacks can be linked into one unending chain - which is pretty goddamn awesome to me. I don't usually go for Pierce attacks - I used the Long Blade in GE - but the Charge Spear really got me hooked.

Another interesting thing about GE2 is that the Aragami bullets that you get depend on the kind of gun that you use. When I used the Shotgun, I got tornado bullets from a Chi You. When I used an Assault gun, I got shot bullets. The amount of bullets isn't restricted anymore either; one mission I collected about 13 bullets. That's a pretty big improvement, since that means I won't have to frantically search for the bullet that I wanted during battles.

That's not to say the demo doesn't have any weaknesses. There were glitches here and there, like your character disappearing into the Norn terminal when you access it while running, or suddenly appear a good distance away from your initial position while bashing an Aragami. So far those are the only glitches that I can see.



This is a demo. Why in the world would I rate a demo? And if I were to rate a demo, how would I rate it? Based on what? However, having said all that I think GE2 is shaping up to be a fantastic game. The battles were fluid and beautifully done, the fields were much more interesting than the ones in GE - you can see where the wall in the cathedral in the City of Mercy collapsed after the final battle against the Black Hannibal in GE which was a highly well-done detail - and the Blood Art system? Fucking awesome. All things taken into consideration, GE2 is a much-approved upgrade to GE, with better graphics, better battle mechanics, better environments, and hopefully better story. I can't stress this enough - as a fan of GE, the full game is definitely a must have.

GOD EATER 2 is slated for release on November 14, 2013.

Here are some screenshots of my male character, Loa. BECAUSE I CAN.

I love that smug expression on his face

Look at my baby

I love this part the most - both Nana and Loa are so adorable!

Til next time!

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